So You Had a Bad Day; Get Over It!

It’s now the second week of the new year, and for those people still going strong with their workout routines and focus to lose weight, good for them! For some people, however, they might be getting into that stage where the passion for losing weight is starting to fizz out. Chances are they’re missing that soda, all that bread, or those nice salty chips. They may have also faltered in their daily goal of eating healthy, or missed a workout.

If this sounds like you, get over it, regroup and move on.

Too many times, people use having a bad eating day or missing a workout as an excuse to give up changing their lives. They tell themselves they’ll make up for it the next day, but then that day turns into the next, and so on. What that really means though is they weren’t really ready for change. As usual, it all sounds good in theory, but as one of my favorite fitness instructors, Dan Cohen, says, “There are no magical pills.” You have to do the work and feel the burn to get results.

Even I have faltered with some of my goals since the start of the new year, but I’m not giving up just because I may have missed something one day. Instead, I’m approaching my goals like I approached my health and fitness change.

First, instead of trying to accomplish every goal at one time, I’m working my way into each one. Prime examples, last week, I mentioned that if you haven’t worked out in some time, diving into a workout like Insanity is going to have you running the other way in a day or two. Things take time to build up, especially if you’re trying to find a balance in your routine. Although I have found a balance with my fitness, I still struggle with other personal and business goals from time to time, so it’s part of the process.

Next, when I miss something important, I figure out what I can do better next time to ensure that doesn’t happen again, or what I need to move around on my schedule to ensure I meet my goal, even if it’s only a partial meeting of it. I remember when I first started my health change, I tried working out in the morning, and I’m not a morning person. I hit the snooze on my alarm continually, and came up with 101 reasons why I would do it the next day. So when I realized that was hindering me from accomplishing my goals, I changed my workouts to the evenings. I set my workout time for 8:30 p.m. every night. And as another of my favorite fitness trainers, Chalene Johnson, says, “You have to make a date with your workout and stick with it.” Even if that means you find someone to tend to the kids, or put something else on hold. You never break your date with your workout, even if you work out for 20 minutes, or even 10 minutes–no matter what, you fit something in.

Even now, living a nice healthy life as an athlete, I grab an extra snack now and then. Instead of grabbing chips or bread, however, I grab fruit, or frozen yogurt bars that taste like ice cream (Yasso yogurt bars are my favorite). At least that way, you don’t feel as bad for eating more than your five or six meals.

Worse case, if you have an all out bad day, again, suck it up, and don’t wait to start again the following week. Start again the next day. The longer you wait, the more excuses you’ll make.

With that being said, as my people at Les Mills Combat like to chant, “Keep it real and stay with the fight!”

Speaking of keeping on track, I realize I’m just getting back into blogging, and building my audience on this site. So asking people to post videos may have been a little over zealous on my part (I blame it all on the new year “I’m going to dive right in” rush!). I still have the Beachbody 3-Day Refresh Challenge Pack to give away, which is a $69.95 value.

For those of you who would like to kickstart your weight loss, or give it a nice boost, got to my Facebook Page at, “Like” it, share it with your friends, and write three words to describe how this challenge would help you. I will then do a drawing and announce the winner next Tuesday night with my next fitness update.

In the meantime, check out my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, and Linkedin pages for daily fitness motivation, updates on giveaways, random thoughts and ideas, and details on my creative works. If you want to chat about your most frustrating fitness woes, please feel free to comment below or reach out to me on social media. Another way to avoid giving up before you truly begin your transformation is to surround yourself with people who have the same focus and goals as you. You’re an athlete now, and you want to interact with other athletes, and I’m here to help.

I look forward to our discussions.



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