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Here’s an excerpt of my most recent short story. Hope you enjoy….

“Sweet Soriana’s Perfect Revenge” 

When the good folks of San Angelo, Texas get together, they sure know how to tell a good story–especially when that story involves someone of importance. Well, a recent incident involving a hell of a woman sure had San Angeloans chattering like church elders on a Sunday afternoon. In fact, that story was so big that the local media still gives it plenty of attention.

Unfortunately, I was out of town for a while when it all went down. I spent three months up in Dallas with my younger sister. She had just had her fourth child, and at her age, God bless her heart, she needed a bit of help. So being that I had a bit of time on my hands with my own kiddos off to college, I volunteered. On a bright Tuesday morning, I kissed my hubby on his stubby cheek, got in my Chevy loaded down with a few suitcases, and left good ol’ West Texas behind thinkin’ nothing of it.

But, I guess that’s not the real point of the story. It’s what happened when I came back that’s truly the pig’s thick bacon.

Anyhow, about two days after my return, I headed over to the supermarket. You know the one where everyone who’s everyone goes to get the best prices and the best gossip. After all, three months is a long time to be away, and my hubby isn’t dependable when it comes to gettin’ the town low down. Of course, there’s that online news source that’s pretty good at keeping us apprised of the city’s drama, but it doesn’t always get things right, so I had to go straight to the horse’s mouth, as they like to say.

Boy did I pick the perfect day to go too! Because right when I turned down the tortilla aisle, guess who I happened to smack right dab into but Mrs. Betsy Roberts! By the look on her face, I could tell she was as happy to see me as I was her. Lord knows she’s the best of the best when it comes to staying on top of Angelo’s drama. Hell, she’s a real orator if you ask me, and leaves nothin’ to the imagination. But again, I digress.

Yep, Miss Betsy was so pleased to see me. She stopped her cart in the middle of the aisle and yelped, “Is that you Miss Carmen? Well how are you? How’s that sister and new niece of yours?”

After giving her the brief rundown of my big city stay and getting through the traditional kindnesses of West Texas chatter, Betsy finally got to the good stuff and lowered her voice an octave. I prepared myself for the juicy.

“Did you hear about sweet ol’ Soriana Castro?” she asked. She knew I hadn’t obviously, but you just didn’t start a story by saying, “So this is what happened to Soriana Castro…”

Granted, I wasn’t quite prepared to hear sweet ol’ Soriana’s name across Betsy’s lips. She’s not often the topic of gossip because everyone just loves that lady somethin’ crazy, including me! Even old money Angeloans like Mary Martin love Soriana and never say a bad thing about her, which is quite somethin’ if I must say so. But sweet Soriana, that lovely lady is a little younger than me and has three gorgeous daughters. They all went to Central High School like their momma and followed in her footsteps by joining the Tex-Ann Drill Team. They even went off to good Texas colleges, and have good heads on their shoulders like their momma as well.

In her glory days, Soriana was like lightning in a summer storm! Her personality popped straight to our hearts with all that beauty and goodness, and there she stayed all these years. So to hear her name coming out of Betsy’s mouth, I had to lean over to get the full girth.

“You will never believe it, Carmen,” Betsy continued. “Right at this very moment, Soriana is sittin’ in a jail cell, but not for long, mind you. The whole town has been rallyin’ behind her, and they all pulled together to raise her bond of $250,000!”

“Oh my!” I exclaimed. “What the hell did she do? Murder somebody?”

Now my heart beat fast, and I started feeling more anxious than a jack ass on Cinco de Mayo.

“She didn’t murder someone, but I bet that prick-a-lick wish she had!”

“Come on Betsy, give me something here. The suspense is killing me!”

“Okay, I’m gettin’ there…Hey! Can’t you see we’re visiting here? Go around!” Betsy yelled at a shopper who dared to interrupt our visit. We both glared at the jerk with murder in our eyes until he got the hint and decided it best not to take on two middle-aged southern women in the middle of a town crisis.

“So what did she do?” I urged once the interrupter got the hint and went on his merry way.

“So word is her daughter, Lorena, comes home from Austin all bruised up. You know, she hasn’t been quite the same since her daddy died in that frackin’ accident last year, bless her heart. And sweet Soriana, she just kept on doing what she does for her girls despite her own battered heart.”

“Bless her soul,” I added.

“Anyways, Lorena comes home battered and bruised, and has the nerve to lie to her momma about where her injuries came from. She tells her she got into a fight, but Soriana knew somethin’ wasn’t right. You know Lorena couldn’t even hurt a damn squirrel much less another human being. Out of all those girls, she’s the most like her momma.”

“No doubt!” I agreed.

“So Soriana, I’m not quite sure how, finds out some loser Lorena’s been datin’ is the one who put his hands on her.”

“Oh no!” My heart hurt at the thought. “It seems like that’s happening so often these days, especially here in Angelo. These young girls hookin’ up with good-for-nothin’-sons-a-bitches. So pray tell, what did poor Soriana do?”

“Well, word is she went online and sifted through Lorena’s friends’ list on Facebook. It took her a while, but she finally found a profile that had Lorena in it. Some yoo ha had his arms around her, and the caption on the photo read somethin’ like, ‘She’s my world!’ Apparently, they looked like the loving couple, but Soriana knew better. She looked into those eyes in that photo and knew deep down this was the man who hurt her baby. Now, Rita Lopez heard the guy had posted somethin’ like, ‘Looking for my Lori.’ Turns out the scumbag was looking for her, so sweet ol’ Soriana messages him and says she heard he was looking for her daughter. When he confirms that’s true, she tells him Lorena is with her in San Angelo, and if he’s a real man, he’ll drive down here and have a talk with her, woman to coward. Those were her words!”

“Wow! I can’t believe that!”

“Tell me about it! We’re all still stewin’ over that one. Anyways, the son-of-a-whore, pardon my language, got so riled up, like she hoped he would, and took her up on her offer. A few hours later, he showed up in front of her house.”

“Oh my! Did she call the cops?”

“Nope. Apparently, Soriana had talked Lorena into going with her cousins to some dance, and, as soon as she left, Soriana prepared for the bastard’s arrival. She left her front porch light off and her front door open. The jerk walked right into her house and found her sitting calmly in her favorite rocking chair! That got that man’s goat good, yes it did. So to piss her off, he asked, ‘How’s our baby girl doing?'”

“Oh no he didn’t!” I said, imagining poor Soriana’s response.

“Let’s just say the boy should have shut his yapper, but he just kept goin’. Well, he didn’t get too far before Soriana pulled out her handgun, apparently one Javi bought for her before he died, and shot him right in the family jewels!”

“Holy mother!”

“It gets even better! Sweet ol’ Soriana picks up her phone, calls 911, and says, ‘Please send an officer to my home at 3401 Maple Street. I’ve just shot an intruder, but he’s still comin’ at me.’ When she hangs up, she walks over to the injured scum who is now calling her every name known to man. Mark Letter said he heard him cursin’ at her, and then he heard screamin’. Word is Soriano grabbed a machete, an old antique of Javi’s hanging on the living room wall, and chopped off his right hand. They say she only planned to shoot him, but then he had to go and brag about jerking off at the thought of Lorena’s bruises and broken ribs. So you know what sweet ol’ Soriana says to him?”

“What?” I asked, barely containing my excitement. This was the best story yet!

“She says, ‘Now let’s see how hard you get at the thought of my daughter. Maybe your left hand will help you some, but I don’t think so.’ She then shoots him in the left hand!”

“Wow! Now that just doesn’t sound like somethin’ Soriana would do! I just can’t believe she’d be so calculating!”

“Well, put yourself in her shoes love. What would you do if a man put his hands on your daughter the way this one did? Now I didn’t see Lorena myself, but word is she looked quite the fright.”

“I can imagine, but what happened when the cops came?”

“Good ol’ Soriana told them the man she shot trespassed on her property, walked right into her home. He had put his hands on her baby girl, so she knew him to be a threat and did what any God-fearing woman and mother would do: protect her family. Of course, they tried scolding her for not callin’ the police in Austin. But Mark said he overheard her put those officers straight. She told them she did call, but just like the law here, there wasn’t much they could do but take a report.”

“Damn Texas laws! You’d think in 2017 there’d be better laws protecting women and children!”


Note: This story was submitted to a contest. I will let you know the outcome, and when you can read the rest of the story to learn what happened to Sweet Soriana….




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