About Brandy Rae

Brandy Rae is a professional writer/editor and aspiring author. Brandy was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, but has lived in West Texas for over 13 years. She is happily married for 20 years to Esau, and has two adult children, Ariana and Jacob. She also has three grandchildren, Ayden, and twins, Alana and Leila, and an overactive Siberian husky, Zeus, who turns two on the Dec. 15. 

Growing up in the Southwest, Brandy Rae learned the power of words at a young age. She grew up listening to the traditional oral stories passed on by her ancestors, and used to believe that if she stayed out after dark, La Llorona, El Cucuey, or La Chupra Cabra would get her. She also believed (and still does) in the strange and unusual. Today, we call it Magical Realism. Brandy also grew up in a low-income urban neighborhood plagued with violence, drugs, and gangs, so these are themes readers will find in her work. In addition to being a fan of Magical Realism, she also loves Realism, Post-Modernism, and Post-Structuralism; these are also tenets found in her writing.

Starting the Writer’s Journey

Brandy didn’t always want to be a writer. She originally sought a future in music. However, after attempting to make her dream a reality, she realized that industry wasn’t for her. Thus, she decided to focus on writing, her other love, full time.file0001848982250

Brandy’s love of writing originally started with books. Since the age of five, the aspiring writer loved to get lost in the world of make believe through the adventures found in the many books she read. She also began writing song lyrics at eight years old, took her first journalism class in junior high, and wrote for her high school newspaper. At that time though, Brandy considered writing a hobby.

That changed when Brandy entered her twenties and decided to write the story ideas swarming in her head. It was at that point Brandy knew she wanted to do more and began to draft her first novel, Tears of Clowns. After she finished the draft, she submitted it to a published author in California for feedback. When Brandy got the manuscript back, she couldn’t contain her excitement when this writer told her the book sounded like a movie and encouraged her to learn scriptwriting. However, when she saw all the red marks and the comments, “I had to stop marking after a certain point,” the inexperienced writer knew she had to return to school and improve her writing skills.

Putting Writing On Hold

IMG_3154Originally, Brandy Rae had a full scholarship to Arizona State University; she had to quit her sophomore year to work full-time as a personal banker because she became a single mother. Later, she remarried, had a son, and she and her husband moved their family to San Angelo, Texas, a small city an hour away from her husband’s hometown. A year after their move, Brandy returned to school and pursued her goals of becoming a better writer.

The now non-traditional student attended another ASU (Angelo State University) and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English with a minor in Journalism. Her first novel remained shelved as she focused on her education, writing for her university and city newspapers, and teaching writing composition, research methodology, business communications, critical thinking and reading, and English Language Learning.

Overcoming The Detour

cropped-cropped-WriteForMeLogo1.jpgFor almost eight years, Brandy focused on teaching writing instead of engaging in the art of writing, so finally, in 2014, at the age of 38 (almost 39), Brandy made writing and editing her full-time job. Today, she is Editor-in-chief at San Angelo LIVE!, occasionally freelances under her own business, WriteForMe, and works hard to balance her professional life with creative writing and family. She’s published tons of articles, an academic article, edited two published books, wrote critical literary analysis on attending featured writers’ works and presented in front of these authors, including Luis Valdez, Terrance Hayes, and Leslie Marmon Silko. She also published four poems and a short story in Oasis literary magazine.

Although she’s a late bloomer, Brandy is proud of her accomplishments and dedicates herself to professional and creative writing and editing. 

Brandy Rae hopes you will join her on her writing journey whether you are a fellow writer, editor, publisher, or an avid reader.  





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